How to Write the Eulogy to Honor a Life

How to Write the Eulogy to Honor a Life

Tuesday, January 19th, 2021

When researching the right words to say during a Eulogy, this article can help you get started:

"Instant Eulogy Speeches by Tom Antion"Eulogy Speeches~ Use a Story to Help You Get Started by Tom Antion

So you “have” to do a eulogy speech . . . or maybe you “want” to get a chance to express in public all the deep feelings you have for your loved one who has passed away.

Yes, I know it’s a tough time to write a eulogy speech or anything else for that matter. Yes, I know you’re probably distraught and having a hard time focusing. That’s OK. I’m going to give you an easy tip to get going. Where do you start?

One of the best elements to include in a eulogy is a story about you and an interaction you had with the deceased. Your eulogy story could be funny or heart-wrenching. In fact, a mixture of both in the same story is great, or you could do one of each. There is no law that states you can only tell one story.

Your eulogy could start with a story about how you met your loved one, or maybe you could talk about your earliest remembrance of them when you were a child. You could talk about a really great life lesson you learned from them and how it has helped you in your life.

Another great thing about using eulogy speech stories is that you don’t have to read or memorize your words because you lived the experience.

All you have to do is make a brief bullet point in your notes that would say something like, “Tell farm story”, or whatever will briefly remind you of the story you want to tell.

There are many other points you need to know about writing a eulogy speech, but using a story to help you get started will take away some of the pressure in creating a great tribute to your loved one.

Tom Antion is a speech expert and author of This book gives complete instructions for writing a eulogy speech quickly and easily even when you are upset. It also includes many loving phrases and paragraphs you can copy and paste into your finished eulogy along with more than a dozen pieces of appropriate humor to ease the tension. He is also an internationally recognized public speaker and Internet marketer with over 2700 paid presentations to his credit.

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